Episode 2: Battle for the young chapter 1 – while you are young

Highlight from chapter 1 of The Battle for the Young

During this episode, we read the first chapter of a small book called “the battle for the young”. In the first chapter we learnt about the writer’s experience after delivering a sermon at a wedding ceremony.

All we know about the content of that message is that the writer laid out principles of how God designed the home to work. I have read the entire book and I think it fair to conclude that the next 9 chapter are an expression of that message.

This chapter is mainly about the responses of 2 elderly individuals, the first was a man who after 42 years of being married realised he had ruined his marriage and his life. Obviously the old man knows what he meant when he said he has wasted his marraige and his life but the book did not disclose to us.

The second person was an elderly lady who outrightly admitted that she thinks it was too late for her to make any change to her life because, (according to my interpretation) she has made so many choices that cannot be undone. At best she may be able to find mercy and forgiveness from God but she is too old and tired to go back in time to change anything.

When I read this chapter I though of what the old man and woman felt as they listened to the message. They must be wishing they could get another chance as they saw the newly married young couple who are just starting their marriage. It must have been sad. This brings us to the highlight of the chapter.

It is possible to hear the word of God too late. As we have seen the old lady and man, they have probably heard that message before while they were younger or possibly even on their individual wedding days but didn’t give their heart the the messages. However, they are just hearing and accepting these words now and it was rather too later for the message to have the intended impact on their lives. So, while I am young, it is necessary for me to pay a great deal of attention to the Word of God that is intended to save my life.

The other highlight for me is that the decisions I make now that I am young will have a lasting impact on my future. For example, if I allow God to break me from an addiction to sexual immorality of whatever kind, I will be saving myself from the risk of contacting a sexually transmitted diseases. As a result, my body can remain pure and hole for God to be used for His desired purpose.

That was just 1 example, there are a million more. To conclude, while you are young is the best time of you life to make the best decision, which is to allow God to own your life. Are you wondering if you are too old to do anything with your life? The time our your youth is now, not tomorrow. Today, you can still do something about your future but tomorrow may be too late.

What can you do to change your future for good? To be candid with you, whether you believe in God or not, the first place you can start is to way your options in life. You have tried so many ways to make yourself happy, to give yourself a good life. How come you have never been satisfied with all your clever means?

So, if you want and you are ready to change your future for good, the only option is to consider God’s intention for your life. God is the maker of all things and He has the manual of your life, He alone can walk you through every tier of your life – university, marriage, career, staying pure, fulfilling your destiny etc. God is not an imaginary being who is too far away to help. As a matter of fact, it is our lack of desire to be with Him that stands in the way. Are you about to get married and you are terrified for your life, not knowing what marriage is about or should be about? Or you are at university and wondering what your life should be all about? Count yourself blessed to have these questions because if you can find answered to them early, you might save yourself from making some irreversible choices.

While you are young is when you lay the foundation for your future. Godly choices are the recipes for a Godly future. Spend your youth to discover your full identity in Christ. Please send an email if you have any private questions or you can comment below. Also please listen to the podcast. God bless you.