Discovering What Really Matters in Life as a Young Person

What does it mean to be Rich towards God – Luke12:21

It was during a bible study early last year (2020) when I started to ponder over the qeuestion “what does it mean to be rich towards God”? This question later became a questions of “What is the that important thing in life for me to pursue?“. In this blog post, I will like to share my discovery with you.

It is no news how many people lost huge sums of money while a few others gain an equally large amount since the coronavirus pandemic. Everythnig we have ever learnt as the norm in the financial and business world seem to have been thrown out of the window in 2020. Government officials who are used to having it all under control are now forced to make it up as they go along, the ruler and the ruled have become a victims of the same problem. Millions of people have lost their income source and many more will still lose their jobs as the impacts of the coronavirus unravels.

The Rich Fool

I personally believe that the highly priased institutions of this world have failed to step in to help many of us during the pandemic. Many lives have been seriously disrupted and the dirution has ripples all the nations on the planet. In fact, some who remianed wealthy and influencial despite the pandemic have also realised that their money cannot buy them their life. and unfortunately many celebrities, politicians, wealthy buininess men and women have lost thier lives just like many others who could not afford a full day’s meal.

As man made safety nets and structures have proved to be undependable, I felt the need to set my focus straight on what is real and dependabe. It has been a trend that every decade the tone of government changes, the business world also changes to welcome practices that favours their business interests. We now live in a world that is forever changing how it operates. We can see this in the way we are used to jumping from one job to the other like we were catching the trian. Why is it that nothing seems to be definite? I have learnt a lot from the story of the “rich fool” from Luke 12 verses 15 to 21 ( from the bible). I want to share with you what I have discovered that dependable, definite and unchanging from this passage.

Luke 12:15-21- 15 And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.
16 And he spake a parable unto them, saying, The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully:
17 And he thought within himself, saying, What shall I do, because I have no room where to bestow my fruits?
18 And he said, This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my fruits and my goods.
19 And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry.
20 But God said unto him, Thou fool, this night thy soul shall be required of thee: then whose shall those things be, which thou hast provided?
21 So is he that layeth up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.

One thing I have learnt over my short life is that it is easier to adopt the lifestyle of people around us but for us to know what is right and true for oursleves, we have to look beyond “what other people around us are doing”. We need to open our heart to discover the truth about our lives on this earth. So I urge you to accomodate the space in your heart to allow this passage to speak to you, especially when all other solutions you know have failed.

From the above passage, here are the answers I have discovered to my question – “what is that one important thing that matters in life, that I should solely care about?”:

  • Versee 15 – The value systems of the world are built on the numbers of things you own. You can see this play out in all the stock markets around the world as investors buy and sell stock a lightening speed rate. The world system encourages us to value only the ventures that promises us financial gains or people who seem to have made thier success because they have earned a lot of money, fame and infuence for themselves. As we have seen the losses of many institution and indivuals during the pademic, I am more convinced that my life’s worth can no longer be evaluated by the amount of possessions I have or not have. How then can I value my life’s worth? Read on please…
  • Verse 16 – There was a rich man, he got rich from working hard and his hard work paid off as his farm yielded bountifully. This shows me that it is alright to work hard and hard work does pay off. You cannot be lazy and expect to have abundance, however, what this man did with his abundance stood out to me.
  • Verse 17 – the rich fool did what I would have done if I were in his shoes; my farm did so well that I have a lot of crops, which I needed a bigger store house to store them. This sounds like a normal things to do. let’s see what the next verse says
  • Verse 18 – the rich man decided to pull down the old smaller barn and built a bigger one. This is what most business leaders do, they grow their business and merge it with another to become a group of companies, which later becomes a giant corporation. Notice that the rich man is building a secure storage for his possessions (his crops). I know I am just describing the actions of the rich man but I amfascinated by how heis doing what what many of us will do today – so why is he a rich fool?
  • Verse 19 – We can now see further how the rich man came to the conclusion that he has enough to last him many years, as a result, he decided to relax and take it easy. He has planty of grains to sell to last him many years without him breaking a sweat. What I noticed here is that the rich man has decided to place his confidence in the amount of possessions he has stored up in his newly constructed barn. The matter raised some serious thoughts in my heart because I have seen how many rich men/women have placed their confidence in their well paid jobs, and high turnover businesses only for coronavirus to hit and they lost it all.
  • Verse 20 – You will notice that (whether you belive it or not) God is the only one who brought the judgement on this man. It is God’s judgement that revealed how foolish this rich mans was to think he can secure his future with the amount of possession he has stored up. God revealed to him that he was dying that very night and all he has laboured to store up for himself will now blong toothers who have not worked for it. No matter how much you have done/ not done, there is a final assessemnt of all we have done in this world.
  • Verse 21 – This parable shows how the world system actively encourages a lifestyle that is similar that of the foolish rich man. When we build fortunes for ourselves because we think these furtunes will mean food on our table, protection from illness or unexpected accidents or natural events such as the coronavirus pandemic that the world have never seen before. I also noticed that this man was a fool because his life was centred around his possessions but he has no relationship with God. I saw the lack of relationship with God as a lack of regard for God. We live in a world wehre we prefer to measure the size of our bank balance rather than the quality of our knowlede and trust in God. If you are not a Christian and you are reading this, please don’t be quick to through this out of your mind, ask yourself a question; how many times have you felt empty and unfulfilled despite your well paid job, your influence among your piers and despite the comfort you enjoy when you are in the comapany of your wonderful friends? If you are a Christian the question for you is what is the difference between how you live your life and how other live thier life? Have you personally experienced the benefit of knowing God?

In my search of the answer to the question, I have discovered that whatsover you have in the world, no matter how “sorted” you are, you must not put your trust in it. You may be thinking “Why then should I bother working hard? why should I aim to be the best in my career?”. My answer for you is this – From the passage above, it is safe to conclude that the rich man was not wrong to have worked hard and certainly he is bound to reap the rewards of his hard work according to Galatians 6 verse 7. What he did wrong was to think his hard work and his bountiful posseesion are all there is to life. Beyond your hard work and the rewards of the hard work, anyone who acknowledges God as soverign (Numero Uno) in their life will be judged as a wise person.

If you are a youth or there about and you wish to make all the right choices in life in order to lay a good foundation for your future, whether academically, career wise or socially, please note that after you have tried all your human best, it will be wise of you to learn to discover your life’s purpose in God’s grand plan. Ofcourse, you have to belive that “In the beginning God (prepared, formed, fashioned, and) created the heavens and the earth.” The fact that God created the earth, yourself and myself means God has a plan for you and I. As a result of this plan, If all we do is to live a solitary lifestyle where everything is about us, we will only be replicating this same mistake as the rich fool who lived for himself but totally ignored the purpose for which God created Him. You and I will only find true joy and fulfillment when we settle and accept that God exist and has a beautiful plan for our lives.

As a young person, now that you are young is the time to invest your time and resources to discover who God is so that in God you can find the true purpose of your life. I am aware that many young people have become hostile to the fact that God exists, I don’t blame you. If only you can taake time to look back in time and how those who lived with Godly reverence ended up establishing institution that we have all deeply loved such as the NHS, British Red cross, the salvation army, advancement in aducation and many more. Today we face a decline in our reverence for God as well as a stark increase in the number of young people between the age of 10 and 24 choosing to take thier lives because they cannot see the value in living. Many young people have launched into the world to experiment with their lives but they have become stock in the cyle of drugs and sexual extortion and have become addicted in a world that offers them no hope and no future. The less of God we are poclaim in our society, sadly the more hopeless we become as a society and as individuals. This is why I am writing this blog post today, to let you know that God is your best bet in life and nobody/nothing can offer you fulfilled life except God.

I wish you will ponder over the above and say this prayer – “Father God, I know my life is missing something important and everytime I think I have what I needs, I alsways end up being dissapointed. Father Lord, please reveal yourself to me, help me to stop living for myself and show me the truth about yourself. Father Lord, please send me help today”. Amen.

If you have any questions about this blog, please use the contact form to get in touch. God bless you.

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Accept your pride and bin it

There are 2 forms of pride, the first being when people take pride in what they do, …”we pride ourselves making the best sausage roll in town”, “we take pride in our this and that”. Quite frankly I think we are so quick to take pride in mundane things because we are all looking for easy ways to be celebrated. Also, maybe taking pride in making the best sausage rolls offers some benefit to other unlike the other form of pride.

The second for of pride is the full blown deal – the pride of life. This is the pride that makes us place ourselves above others most in subtle ways. You can imagine a man giving all the excuses on why he is having an affair or wanting to separate from his wife. He may say things like “I’ve alway made all the effort but she doesn’t…”, or “I am never happy around her, she is very toxic and a danger to my mental health”. These reasons can take several forms but they are all about his self convenience which is why any decision or argument initiated by pride is always going to side toward our self seeking ambition and will never be just or fair to all sides.

Pride goes before destruction, and haughtiness before a fall.

Proverbs 16:18 NLT

It is very important for us to know the end result of pride but before this understanding could be of any help to us, we need to first learnt to recognise and acknowledge pride. If we think we are always right, we will be denying humility because only God is always right. Even if you live your life by the spirit of God, it will be impossible for you to say you are always right but you will say “God is never wrong”. This goes show that such expressions that tend to glorify ourselves are hinged on pride. In this case, we can replace pride with “lack of humility”.

Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.

Proverbs 11:2 NLT

Acknowledging our pride helps us to divert to the road that leads away from disgrace and towards Godly wisdom. A wise person will seek a correction of heart, they will thinks of checking their wrong first in case the issues they face has anything to do with them. However, this is where you and I need to be determined to be brutally honest about ourselves. What I really mean is that: we need to allow God to convict us of our wrongs and be willing to accept them as our wrongs. Accepting our wrongs will quickly help us own up and take responsibility to see what we can do to appease the situation on ground and if all parties do the same, we will not have damaging misunderstandings imposing strain on our relationships as rampant as it is today.

Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.

Philippians 2:3 NLT

Pride is an expression of selfishness. It makes us feel that we are better than others so we mentally position ourself to be superior to them. This self certified promotion is unjust and unwise because we really only see what our eye can capture but there is a lot more our eyes cannot see and our minds cannot comprehend about others. We need to humble ourselves and let God renew our heart do that we a start to see others as better than us by default.

Live in harmony with each other. Don’t be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary people. And don’t think you know it all!

Romans 12:16 NLT

Don’t think you kow it all. Even you don’t know yourself. What you claim you are today may go against what you find yourself doing tomorrow because you have not fully yielded yourself to God for counsel. You may say “I am the nicest person at my work place” or you may think in your heart, “I have always put you first and treated you better than myself “. I have an advice for you, don’t think you know it all and rush to quickly promote yourself vefore others.

Humble yourself before God. And if you are reading this and do not know God, maybe this is your chance to know God, who is able to walk us down the humble lane. Jesus is the son of God. He was given to die on the cross for our sins, so that we can be redeemed from this world’s final destruction. We can already see the pot of rage boiling up and waiting to exploded in homes, in the geopolitical arena and even our climate is joining in.

Life as we know it here on earth is not the final destination but when we leave the world through death or rapture, we face God who will be the judge of all we have done here in earth. God has given us Jesus as the model of life He approves of. I pray that we will accept the gift of the life of jesus by allowing our nature to be cultivated after His nature.

Remember! Humble yourself, accept your pride an bin it. God bless you.

Christ or Crisis

What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his or her soul? This is the question that was presented to me on the night of 22nd of January 2021.

The signs that this world is increasingly being given to a reprobate mindset as the Bible said in Romans 1:28, is increasing on a daily basis. This is not what anyone should overlook.

Romans 1:28 (NLT)

Romans 1:28 (NLT) – Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done.

Let us read more about Romans 1:28 for context, let’s read from verse 28 to 32.

Because those people refuse to keep in mind the true knowledge about God, he has given them over to corrupted minds, so that they do the things that they should not do. They are filled with all kinds of wickedness, evil, greed, and vice; they are full of jealousy, murder, fighting, deceit, and malice. They gossip and speak evil of one another; they are hateful to God, insolent, proud, and boastful; they think of more ways to do evil; they disobey their parents; they have no conscience; they do not keep their promises, and they show no kindness or pity for others. They know that God's law says that people who live in this way deserve death. Yet, not only do they continue to do these very things, but they even approve of others who do them.Romans 1:28‭-‬32 GNT

If you are born in the 1970s or after, the chances are high that you have never been introduced to God properly or at all. When I say God, the Bible mentions the following Jesus…

Jesus answered him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one goes to the Father except by me - John 14:6 GNT

By saying God, I am referring to Jesus who is the only gateway to God the Father of us all. God is the creator of life, universe and all that gives life and the universe meaning – Genesis 1:1

If you are a person with a critical mind, you will notice that each nation on earth cannot agree on barely anything. And when they are found to seemingly agree, such agreement are founded on selfish interests, for example, it is common that 2 countries accuse each other of human rights violations but the same 2 countries will sign a trade deal with one another.

Although, this phenomenon is rampant between nations but it is much more common with people. For example, a white person might hate a black person or Chinese person but when it comes to satisfying their sexual urgy, they will let down their guard and have a casual sex them or what many call one night stand. This also happens when money is involved, people will do anything to get their hands on money even if it is against their personal preferences.

Going back to Romans 1:28-32, you can see what is described by people who think its best to disregard their knowledge of God. God give up such people to a reprobate mind. Now, What is the meaning of reprobate?

Meaning of REPROBATE

destined or condemned to eternal punishment in hell

– an unprincipled person.

God in His mercy sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins, so that we can be reconciled with Him (God the Father). The way the world lives now is to God a sinful way. This is all the result of the devil’s influence on men. The devil’s influence on men is designed to turn people against God and we see how the world is upside down and yet ee have not seen the worst. For this reason, Jesus became the gateway to God by dying for us so that through His death, we can find a way back to God. After all that Jesus went through on the cross not to talk of the separation He went through from God the Fatherwhen He drank the cup of our sin, it is deeply sad that we still live a life that disregards All that He has done for us. If you are born in the 1970s or after, you most likely don’t even know who Christ is because the world has invested so much in living a reprobate life, so much that we have lost touch with the testimonies of how those in the past regarded God correctly and how God shaped their environment for good.

Think about the women’s suffrage movement, deep within the move was the cry that God created man and women equally. It was the case that God knew that the man will need the woman so the woman cannot be second class to the man. Likewise, when you think of race inequality, God did not create the white man then the black man, No. God made man and woman. Whatever skin variation there are is purely down the the atmospheric conditions in the various regions on earth but the man or woman God created is still inside that body. We can see here how God’s principles prevails over how we think now! Look at countries that are plagued with terrorism, you will see how ethnic clensing is often, if not always a direct practice of the terrorist groups, but God did not plan this to happen. Its all part of the devil’s influence.

I hope you will see how the world we live in now has strayed away from the world God created? We have given room and much right to the devil’s influence. Again I say that if you are age 40 or under, you may be surprised by my writing because our generation has lived in so much ignorance of God. We have been told by science and politicians and dictators that human being just happened through big bang but yet science cannot really say how big bang was initiated.

It is not your fault that you have no believe in God or that you think the idea of God’s reality sounds absurd. You are not the only one thinking like this. All I will implore you right now as you read this blog is to consider exploring God. In our great nation of the United Kingdom, many of our world class systems were founded on Christian principles – the NHS, the BBC, the universal credit, the red Cross, salvation army the list is long. Have you noticed that these organisations are becoming more and more irrelevant as they continue to diverge from their founding principles, which are based on the the principles of God?

If your life sounds or looks or feels as if it is falling apart like those that God have given to a reprobate mind, please try this one solution – align your life with God and you will find true meaning of life. Suicidal thoughts will no longer mean nothing to you because you will find your life’s purpose in Chirst. In fact, when you find this life purpose, you will be wishing you had discovered Jesus since you were born. I also will like to remind you again that I am sharing this blog post solely from my personal life experience. If you wish to ask me questions, please get in touch.

Before I’ll let you go, I just want to say a few more things; don’t let anyone fool you, changing your sexual orientation will not fix your life problems, veganism will not make you happier, yes it may make you healthier but not fulfilled. A lot of the things we have made so important are actually deceptions. Don’t get me wrong, please hear me out. As I desire to be who God made me to be, I am seeing that God made human to till the earth and look after it. This alone got me to cut down on waste, I have embraced vegan meals where possible, I have learnt that excessive consumption is bad for the environment and I am all about low waste living. I didn’t need to become a humanist to discover that I have the responsibility to look after the earth, I don’t have to become a left wing socialist to know that I need to look after the poor. The life of Christ has become my perspective and because of this, many issues people face in the society today have become resolved for me.

I am not a rich person, I am not wise and I am not popular but I do not lack anything because I have learnt to rest my life on Christ Jesus. If you want to explore Christ today, please send me an email and let’s get chatting. You can also pray this prayer today- ” Dear Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner, and I ask for Your forgiveness. I believe You died for my sins and rose from the dead. I turn from my sins and invite You to come into my heart and life. I want to trust and follow You as my Lord and Savior.”

When you pray the Bove prayer, you have entered a new way of living. Life cannot be the same as before.

Since this blog was about the question that came to me, I am taking a stand with God to be my only source of life and livelihood. The duty ahead of me now is to be more acquainted to Him. Perhaps we can go on this journey together. God bless you, Tunde

Being a Victorious Christian

The victorious seed of the life of Christ – Future Inspired!

The seed of Christ in us is able to and should have enabled us from the inside, with the qualities of Christ. The seed of Christ is so rich that it has everything we need to grow in it. The only requirement from us is to allow the seed to grow inside the soil of our heart, which is our life. When the seed of God is planted into our heart, by the virtue of being born again, what really happened is that the life of Christ is born into our heart. Can you imagine it your life, which has been the epitome of sadness for God because of your sins and your wicked ways, has now become the ground for Christ’s life to grow? Can you phantom that?

If you are like me, it took many years of hearing before it all started to make sense but this year, God has been so merciful that I have started to really understand what it means to have the seed of Christ. It is out of my recent understanding of the seed of Christ that I began to realise its implications. When the seed of Christ is planted in ones life after becoming born again, It enables us to first repent of our sinful life and to have those things we used to do. That hatred for sin grows into a love for God and Godly things, which also means giving no time or room for sin. I will like to expand on this a little.

Sin is what keeps us away from God’s reach. While we were in the world, we lived a similar life to those who hate God, feel free to compare how you used to live with any unbelievers you know. You may even find that some unbelievers are even more moral in their way you yourself.

Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you, that he will not hear.

Isaiah 59:1-2

The impact of our sins results into a lives that repel God. Now that God has been so gracious to offer the provision of the blood of Jesus Christ to cleanse you and I so that you can become a carrier of His life; He planted the seed of Christ in you so that the same life of Jesus Christ will also grow in your newly purified life. You really have to think to yourself, “why is God doing this?” Why is He being so gracious to implant the same life of Christ into your heart? I hope to help you here, it is because the life of Christ is victorious over sin. Where there is no sin, there God.

And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.

Matthew 1:21

To be victorious is to have doninion over the devil and his influences. This is only made possible by the life of Christ. This means no human have the ability to overcome sin except through Christ. Some religions think that by isolating themselves from the general public, they can stay away from sin. They fail to realised that sin is generated natural from the inner-life of anyone who has not encounter Christ and have not allowed the work of the cross to be activated in them. So sin has no physical boundaries, sin stops where Christ starts.

When we encounter Jesus, our life direction changes just as we see in Paul’s “Damascus Road experience” with Jesus, you can read more about it in Acts 9. He became blinded to every way of life that he has learnt to live and all he could see was jesus alone. It was at this point that paul asked Jesus, “what will you have me do?

Paul’s experience shows me that the life of Christ neutralises everything you have done and built through (and for) your old life; you cannot cling unto that old sin-loving life, you have to let go of it in order to have the life of Christ activated in you.

If you will allow me to ask you this question: Have you met with the Lord yet? If not or you can’t remember how or when, I will like to invite you to let God into your heart and to desire after Him. God has promised that He will make himself found by anyone who seeks Him. If you have met with the Lord, can you confirm that this encounter has been continuous? Can also you check that you are still walking in that new direction?

When we receive the life of Christ, we first encounter a change of direction, from our usual way of life, our passion, interest, philosophy etc. Anyone who has this life should be willing and able to put aside their knowledge (worldly wisdom) in order to learn Jesus’ ways. Paul was a leader of the pharisees, though a man highly regarded as Saul of Tarsus, he had no problem to become a home student under Ananias so that he can learn the way of Christ.

What are the characteristics of a person who have the new life of Christ?

  • New destination: once that seed of Christ is planted withing you, your new direction is certain. You can liken this to if you were journeying from the North to a southern location and you met with the Lord halfway and realised that you neded to be heading west. Immediately you will get out of your old vehicle and join the vehicle that Jesus is in, which is heading West. Your new direction is set by where Christ is. All you need to Do is to be where Christ is and follow Him wherever He may go.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new

2 Corinthians 5:17
  • Humble and teachable – don’t be arrogant in your ways. “A student cannot be greater than his teacher”. Learn of God through this examples. We should not resist the making hand of the men/women that God will lead us to. This is a necessary discipleship process. We are suppose to learn from their experiences because they are mature in their Christians journey. Their Godly advise and experiences are meant to serve as a springboard under our feet as we start our own Christian journey. We don’t need to repeat thise costly mistakes others have made in times past. This is why God graciously chooses to help us grow by appointing other men/ women who have discovered the right way of Christ and have walked in it.

A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone who is perfectly trained will be like his teacher.

Luke 6: 40
  • Willingness to FOLLOW and SUBMIT to teaching and instruction of Christ is essential. If you have an unwilling attitude towards Christ, you will find it hard to Love Him. Sometimes, you may find yourself willing but not able to commit, this is an issue ro be taken to God in prayer for help. God forces nobody to submit to Him. A brother once told me that this actual nature of God makes Him the biggest human rights observer. I believe that is true. God let’s us make up our minds whether to follow or not to follow Him. I also believe that He longs for a relationship with us. He wants us to be the embodiment of His spirit for the world around us to touch and feel God. To obedience to God and by accommodating those whose God has given oversight over us.
  • Finally, it is Jesus you are following at the end of the day, not the people He has placed in your life. I have found out that it is important to be clear about this from the onset. Christ is the one who saved you from your sins and gave you a new spirit and the good of eternal life, it is not man. No man can offer such things. This is why we must keep our eyes fixed of Jesus throughout all of our days on this planet.

If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also. If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honor

John 12:26

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope it has blessed you, I pray that you will grow closer to God and find Him for yourselves instead of just reading about Jesus Christ, you can have Him living in you. He can reveal Himself to you if you so desire. You can pray to Him now, just say this prayer with an open heart, believing that God is real and exists and that He is a rewarder of those who earnestly seek Him: “Lord, I need you in my life, I want to know you in my heart. Please come and help me as you have helped many others and have transformed them from being enemies of God to lovers of God. Lord please save me from my sinful life and help me to experience the Cross, where you died for me in order to have eternal life. I want to live a fulfilling life for the honor of Christ. Amen”.

The purpose of praying is to receive what you have requested. Please keep your heart in the mode of prayer and remain expectant to receive the answers from God. God bless you!

Episode 2: Battle for the young chapter 1 – while you are young

Highlight from chapter 1 of The Battle for the Young

During this episode, we read the first chapter of a small book called “the battle for the young”. In the first chapter we learnt about the writer’s experience after delivering a sermon at a wedding ceremony.

All we know about the content of that message is that the writer laid out principles of how God designed the home to work. I have read the entire book and I think it fair to conclude that the next 9 chapter are an expression of that message.

This chapter is mainly about the responses of 2 elderly individuals, the first was a man who after 42 years of being married realised he had ruined his marriage and his life. Obviously the old man knows what he meant when he said he has wasted his marraige and his life but the book did not disclose to us.

The second person was an elderly lady who outrightly admitted that she thinks it was too late for her to make any change to her life because, (according to my interpretation) she has made so many choices that cannot be undone. At best she may be able to find mercy and forgiveness from God but she is too old and tired to go back in time to change anything.

When I read this chapter I though of what the old man and woman felt as they listened to the message. They must be wishing they could get another chance as they saw the newly married young couple who are just starting their marriage. It must have been sad. This brings us to the highlight of the chapter.

It is possible to hear the word of God too late. As we have seen the old lady and man, they have probably heard that message before while they were younger or possibly even on their individual wedding days but didn’t give their heart the the messages. However, they are just hearing and accepting these words now and it was rather too later for the message to have the intended impact on their lives. So, while I am young, it is necessary for me to pay a great deal of attention to the Word of God that is intended to save my life.

The other highlight for me is that the decisions I make now that I am young will have a lasting impact on my future. For example, if I allow God to break me from an addiction to sexual immorality of whatever kind, I will be saving myself from the risk of contacting a sexually transmitted diseases. As a result, my body can remain pure and hole for God to be used for His desired purpose.

That was just 1 example, there are a million more. To conclude, while you are young is the best time of you life to make the best decision, which is to allow God to own your life. Are you wondering if you are too old to do anything with your life? The time our your youth is now, not tomorrow. Today, you can still do something about your future but tomorrow may be too late.

What can you do to change your future for good? To be candid with you, whether you believe in God or not, the first place you can start is to way your options in life. You have tried so many ways to make yourself happy, to give yourself a good life. How come you have never been satisfied with all your clever means?

So, if you want and you are ready to change your future for good, the only option is to consider God’s intention for your life. God is the maker of all things and He has the manual of your life, He alone can walk you through every tier of your life – university, marriage, career, staying pure, fulfilling your destiny etc. God is not an imaginary being who is too far away to help. As a matter of fact, it is our lack of desire to be with Him that stands in the way. Are you about to get married and you are terrified for your life, not knowing what marriage is about or should be about? Or you are at university and wondering what your life should be all about? Count yourself blessed to have these questions because if you can find answered to them early, you might save yourself from making some irreversible choices.

While you are young is when you lay the foundation for your future. Godly choices are the recipes for a Godly future. Spend your youth to discover your full identity in Christ. Please send an email if you have any private questions or you can comment below. Also please listen to the podcast. God bless you.

Podcast episode 3 – The battle for the young book review

In this episode I read chapter 2 of the book titled “The battle for the young”. This chapter is only three and half pages long but had also much to ponder on regarding the attention and the carefulness I need to give to how I spend the time of my youth.

We discovered the essence of our youth, how it is a time of making indelible decisions and the decisions we make now that we are young makes up the elements of our future foundation. We also discovered what we need to do in order to set our future foundation right so that we are able to live in the life that God has destined for you.

Please listen to the podcast and share with your friends. God bless you as you listen.

Living by faith in the Word of God

This is a great place to trace your way back to God.

For those who have been with God and have strayed away for one reason or another, human understanding cannot fix us back with God. It is only the direct help of God Himself, through His life in us and the working of the Holy Spirit that we can begin to trace our steps back to God.

Deceit is one of the devil’s most used weapon, he has mastered how to deceive us into believing that Christ’s dying and resurrection means nothing for us. He is determined to do anything it takes for us to loose sight of the truth which is that; anyone who is in Christ is a new creature, old things are passed away and behold, all things are new” – 2 Corinthians 5:17. This means that anyone who enters a union with Christ actually went through a change when he or she met the Lord. This meeting was when you decided to give you life and future to Jesus Christ.

You came to Jesus as the old you but Jesus transformed you into a new being there and then. This is the truth that the devil has managed to hide away from us through his endless temptations and deceit. He did this so that we can continue to be bound to our lustful and sinful ways of living. When you you live like an unbeliever, engaging in the samethings as if you are part of those who hate Jesus. Something you may even find yourself on the same side as those who mock Jesus. These are the works of the Devil and they intended to prevent us from coming to the knowledge of who we really are in Christ. The devil know that when we know who we are in Christ, we are no longer slaves to him, we are free from sin.

As God begin to open your eyes to see that the world is not your friend it belongs to the devil. Please open your heart to allow God back in. God is not interested in dwelling in your head, He wants to live in your heart. This is why the bible tells us to “guard our heart for our of it comes issues of Life“. The matter of life and death is coordinated from your heart.

Who you give your heart to matters because God gives life, while the devil brings destruction and kills.

If you are reading this today, I believe there is a reason why you are here. Could it be that God is showing you a way back to Himself? Why don’t you listen to Him and let Him reveal Himself to you? You cannot afford to continue to live your life like those who are in the world. The world system is based on lies and deceitful means but the Way of the Lord leads unto salvation. God’s way leads you unto the path of peace with God and subsequently peace with all men including yourself.

And Jesus replied to him, It is written, Man shall not live and be sustained by (on) bread alone but by every word and expression of God.

Luke 4:4