After a very long time and so much procrastination, the podcast channel FutureInspired was finally registered. The link to the podcast channel can be found HERE
Here is the understanding behind future Inspired: if you have closely followed the events that have been happening around the world, you will see that the events unravelling are patterned. It looks as if the world is becoming a very hostile place to live and we humans have lost our sense of nobility.

Future Inspired

Here is a thing, every generation feels like this, there is always a pattern of deterioration in the way we live and treat others. I hope you won’t be surprised if I tell you that in our current generation, almost the entire world have ruled God out of their lives. As a matter of fact, many Christians are also ignorant of the true meaning and implication of becoming a Christ-ian. We end up not regarding God as our creator, father, Lord or our Saviour.

We are so blessed to live in a world where good deeds produces good consequences but sadly the same is true for every ungodly deed too. Living without God is like operating a complex machine without referring to the manufacturer’s manual. We try to navigate this world with human reasoning when God has made it clear to us all our unseen adversaries hifing in the dark. Darkness only bread ungodliness, pain and sorrow. A world without God our creator is meaningless and void world. Without God, there is no chance of being saved from the continual deterioration that we have seen decade after decade.

When I read the bible it is as a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path as I navigate through this ungodly world. Psalm 119v105. The more I allow the word of God into my heart, the more I realise that I need God to walk through this dark world in order to fulfill my life purpose and to be an extension of God’s life-light to all others around me. I am discovering that the Word of God is true and as it’s unfolding before our eyes day by day, Gods word is full of mamy prophecy – 2 peter 1:19-21.

As you open your heart to study and understand the bible, you will learn about God’s dealing with people who have lived before us. You will also also discover a striking truth; in our time, God has not changed as He continues to deal with men and women in the same manner as we see in the bible.

So, Future inspired is (by God’s grace) journey of discovery and interpretation of how God is wants to relate with us today through our understanding of how He dealt with others in the past. With a focus on “the life of Christ living in us”, our future in Christ is revealed before our eye with the help of the holy spirit. All we need to do is continue to allow God into our heart, whatever it takes.

Please join me on this journey – Futureinspired podcast. Listen on spotify, google podcast and many other podcast mediums.